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How do I ensure that I am always following the right “business flight plan” 

Do you know where your business is going? Our business monitoring service will ensure that you can successfully plan and measure the future of your business:

Your income, costs, profits and consequently your taxes
Your receivables, payables and investment in new assets and consequently your cash

Contact me now on 07802 435682 and let’s discuss how we can work together to maximise your income and ensure you only pay what’s necessary.

Make the most of your money

When you’re an expert your time comes at a premium – and you’re rewarded for your expertise.  However, there are a few financial issues that probably aren’t within your field of specialism.  These are a few of the areas you can get help with:

  • Tax Relief
    • If you’re working on your own projects outside your contracting hours, you may be able to claim tax reliefs such as Research and Development Tax Credits. Find out if you’re eligible.
  • Grants
    • There may be grants or match-funding for technical projects.  If you’re developing something that needs funding, let’s discuss what you could apply for.
  • Tax Planning
    • Are you managing your company (or your own) taxable income in the best way for you? Could you keep more of your money if you change the way your finances are set up? Give me a call.


      • If you’re a contractor, the chances are you’re operating as a personal service  company – and that can be a challengeThere is legislation about when a contractor becomes considered as an employee – known as IR35. How do you stay independent – and is it wise to do so? If you want more information call me.
Contract Review
      • Even if you’ve been on the same contract for a while, it’s wise to review the terms. If you want an objective pair of eyes to review your new or existing contract, get in touch.

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